You’re dreaming wrong 😏 Let’s talk about a million bucks.

From time to time, we all dream of being millionaires. And there’s nothing wrong with it. However, your motivation might be wrong. Let’s start with why. We obviously want to have a million, because it’s supposed to make us happier than we are now. This is where it goes in different directions. Some want a glamorous life with big parties and fancy sports cars. Others would want to have a huge house, etc. Shortly, everyone has many ideas on how they would spend their millions of dollars. But rarely people can tell what they would do on a day to day basis. And if we go even deeper, there’s this one question, that most people can’t answer, and it’s this: Imagine, that you have a million bucks. How did you earn it?

That question is a killer for a majority of people. As I once said, everyone dreams of having a million, but no one dreams to earn it.

It’s ok to dream, even more, it’s a good thing to dream. Because dreams can come true if you act upon those dreams. But the statement above actually discovers the wrong mindset, that the majority of people have. I think that a lot of us were misguided by the consumerism culture. Because in the end, you’re happy because what you do, not what you have. It’s very easy to be tricked into thinking that a new car, new home, or new furniture is what separates you from an amazing life, you dreamed of. This creates an illusion that you need to own stuff instead of doing stuff. Just remember the top three happiest moments in your life. I bet none of those will be the day you bought a new TV. You most likely remembered experiences. When you went on vacation, or when you got married or when you got a promotion on a job (Assuming you like what you do).

So the idea behind it is that you should dream about experiences, not about money or new stuff. And don’t get me wrong, we all like to spoil ourselves with occasional new clothes and other presents, but it shouldn’t be the goal. So for example, if you revisit your dreams and change “I wanna be a millionaire” to “I want to make a fortune by, let’s say, opening an Italian restaurant” — it’s a lot more likely that you’ll be going places 🙂. This kind of dream gives you a space for an action plan. It’s more likely to become a goal. And you can reach goals. It’s that weird paradox, that if you want a lot of money- you shouldn’t worry about the money. How do you do it? You’ll have to re-focus on your happiness. As Henry Ford once said:

… money will become more adjusted to work when it’s realized that through work and work alone may health, wealth, and happiness inevitably be secured.

Many of you might think so, but it’s not about working too hard, day and night. The quote basically comes down to this: Do what you love to do, and money will come. Even though it seems weird, it works. I believe there’s a solid logic behind it. You do have to work hard for success in just about anything. But when you’re doing what you love — working hard doesn’t feel that bad. Of course, you can land a job that you hate, for a lot of money. But working hard on that job is going to make you miserable. Then you would want to drown your misery in food, alcohol and pointless shopping. As a result — you’ll still be miserable, and on top of it, you won’t have that much money due to compulsive spending. When you’re doing what you love — you’re happy just because of that, and the money becomes a secondary factor. You’ll still need some to provide yourself for a living, but it’s not nearly as much. Then, you’ll get better at what you do and start making more.

It’s always scary at first. You’ll probably need to make a life-changing decision, and cut yourself off in the short run. But in the long run — you will be happy. I’ve been through this when I was switching over to self-employment. I wanted to work for myself and eventually build a business. But leaving my job seemed scary and unreasonable. It was a good job, I was financially secured, and pretty happy with it. Also, I knew for sure that at first, I won’t make nearly as much money as I had at that time. That’s exactly what happened. But I was so happy, going after my dream, that having less money wasn’t an issue anymore. Now I got quite comfortable with my new career and is earning a good amount of money.

So, whatever it is you dream of and however hard it can be — you should definitely give it a try.

Do what you love to do, and money will come.

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